About me

Hello, I’m Laura. A certified independent counselor focused on neurodivergence, specifically within higher education. After years of navigating as a neurodivergent (autism spectrum) student, I am familiar with this field. Empathic, good at assessing people and situations. In doing so, I handle others’ crisis confidentially.

I am educated at the University of Humanistics, majoring in spiritual care and psychological research. I’m licensed by RING-GV and registered in the quality register SKGV.

For more information: feel free to contact me with a Whatsapp (06-41146571) or by email: info@lauraluistert.nl

In addition, you can find me on LinkedIn and not (yet) on Insta!

When I wearily blurted out to a friend that “the world didn’t seem made for me,” something began to dawn on me and I had myself diagnosed: I’m autistic? The diagnosis was a relief, but also tricky because: for 25 years I had been living as non-autistic as possible. At least, how I saw autism then. All this time I forced myself not to seem uncomfortable in groups, because then I was maladjusted and unkind. I also squeezed my hands when I wanted to flap them with enthusiasm, or when suddenly loud noises made me angry. I still cannot flap my hands en plein public, because I was very good at masking.

The diagnosis was both a relief and a huge blow, because how was I supposed to relate in a world that, on the one hand, I no longer wanted to mask myself from and, on the other hand, knew no better than to want to belong in it? After engaging in conversation with many others who recognize themselves in a neurodivergent description, I realized that I would like to support others who are experiencing similar disorientation.

It should be added: one autistic/adhd’er/dyslexic is not the other. That is precisely the point, which makes tailored care/support so important.

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Please fill in the contactform underneath, send me a app on 06-41146571 or send a e-mail to info@lauraluistert.nl