What we will do

What we will do

  • Practical support: such as interpreting communication (emails, apps, comments, conversations) and distinguishing main issues from side issues. So that you have the energy left for study, work, relationships and yourself.
  • Support deeper questions: such as questions about identity (who am I?), loneliness (the world is not made for me/I don’t understand the world and the unwritten rules) and disorientation (how can I trust my own instincts again?) as a (presumably) neurodivergent person in a society set up for neurotypical people.

First of all, we are going to talk. That means: you talk, I listen. As a thoroughly trained counselor, I adapt my approach to what you indicate and together we will look (then I do a bit more than listening, of course) where you feel the friction, where are you looking for support? You don’t have to discover this on your own, I help you! This can be an existential crisis when you no longer know whether you belong in a neurotypical world as a neurodivergent. But also when writing a thesis or sending emails: how do you get the information you want and need? How do you stop in time before you get overexcited? These are all examples, but this obviously varies from person to person and we can explore that together.

Themes I support in: diagnosis processing, communication, writing, organizing and planning. I also coach conversations with loved ones.

Common stress in neurodivergent people: “Do I understand what the other person means?

Do you want information or a conversation?

Please fill in the contactform underneath, send me a Whatsapp on 06-411 46 571 or send a e-mail to info@lauraluistert.nl