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For example, when children have to learn prepositions in school, the imagery may be taken literally by a neurodivergent child. Mistakenly, the child may then be seen as rebellious and treated that way.
By neurodivergent one and I also mean: non-neurotypical. Brains that store and process information “differently” than “normal. Think for example of autism, adhd, add and dyslexia. Nowadays ‘highly sensitive’ is also added.

By neurotypical one means: brains that develop ‘normally’ according to the neurodiversity movement and science, and absorb and process information ‘normally’.

Neurodiversity is a movement that advocates the idea that there is no perfect “normal brain,” but there are brains that are more different from a norm and brains that are closer to each other. And that the normative brain is a construct that society focuses on as the norm, but that this does not mean that brains that deviate from it are ‘less’ or should be cured. My dream is to contribute to a world where every kind of brain comes into its own. Because each brain is unique, this requires attention and, hence my practice name, good listening.

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